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Query by answering_you:Which is the very best shipping choice while promoting products in Ebay?

I want to sell an item on ebay but I am searching for a good courier business which is not costly. Please recommend a single.

Ideal answer:

Answer by Gaytheist Buddha
Cheapest not normally ideal. Greatest generally not least expensive. Why do you want greatest when second or third greatest will typically suffice?

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Right here are some finds I picked up lately. Discover how I make income picking thrift retailers.

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16 thoughts on “Best Selling Items On Ebay | Goodwill Thrift Store Items that Sell on eBay: Learn How to Shop for Profit

  1. hey, for shipping products outside US,Viaddress is the best . I have been using them since many years. Their rates are much lower thanBongous, Vpost, Borderlinx .
    I have had purchased several items online and shipped them to India by viaddress service only and the most important thing is, items are always received in perfect conditions.
    2 years ago i had to buy a necklace for my mom and the liked one wasn’t available here. so i bought it from eBay and shipped them through viaddreess. Necklace was reached in 3 days. they are really fast, reliable and trustworthy.
    i would say, for international customers, it is must to have them. here is the link.
    Also they have live chat support, so if you need any assistance, they are always ready to answer your queries.

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  3. @Ogdenmax I wash all the hats by hand. Back in the day I tried to wash them
    but I ruined a couple good hats so I stopped. Check out my other vid on how
    to wash hats.

  4. GO TWINS!! Big TC fan…. maybe strike you a deal on that hat. Nice video
    man and look forward to more. Learning lots and lots from you! Any chance
    on posting a tip or two on selling all these items and great tip on the
    Int. Shipping. Thanks again and Cheers!!

  5. @globalvoodoo most of them are going overseas. I know some sellers will not
    ship internationally but I really don’t have any more problems with those
    sales than I do with domestic ones and I am more than happy to get their

  6. @globalvoodoo I may start doing the same with the international ones. I’m
    glad that I can finally print first class international postage on the
    internet. Saves me a lot of trips to the post office.

  7. @wstoner For vintage Tee’s the international market is a must, I charge a
    flat $15 via USPS First Class to anywhere outside the USA. If the tee goes
    for big bucks I make sure I send it registered for my protection. You will
    come across some int’l buyer that will say they never got the item but
    always save the US Customs Label # I have had good luck with disputes when
    I call PayPal because they can track the label #.

  8. @MrSpudnik17 Shoot me a PM on the Twins hat on what you would offer. I will
    have more vids with tips on selling tee’s and how to list them soon.

  9. I made a killing on some Vintage concert shirts check out my sold items on
    eBay bill_stoner I could not believe the prices some of them brought. I
    hate it when people grab something right in front of me. I always have to
    keep an eye on my cart to keep other people from picking my picks lol.

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